April 17, 2011

About Us

Doke Enterprises, LLC is a small business that specializes in serving the needs of today’s small and large business/organizations and educational institutions. Doke Enterprises, LLC consists of more than 20 years of experience in database, technology solutions, marketing services, web page design and web hosting. Doke Enterprises, LLC offers business solutions specializing in databases, web pages, networking and Microsoft Office Training. Each of these solutions are customized to meet the needs of our clients. The initial consultation consists of determining the overall goals of the client. Then, we will assess the best possible solution for the business/organization. With this information we will present recommendations that will identify affordable solutions to meet their needs.

The mission of Doke Enterprises, LLC is to provide our clients with quality up-to-date business solutions and training needed to achieve their business objectives. At Doke Enterprises, LLC we recognize that every organization has a purpose, and our goal is to show them how technology can help them achieve that purpose. Doke Enterprises, LLC achieves this by helping our clients use these tools and technology to not only save money and time, but to obtain a competitive advantage.