January 12, 2018

Web Page Development

A successful web site will drive results for your business. In working on several sites over the years, we’ve learned that success requires attention to more than just the way your site looks. The common hallmarks of a successful web site are:
1. A great design that complements and enhances the image of your organization.
2. Compelling content that leads people to explore your organization’s resources.
3. An easy-to-use navigational structure and search system that allow visitors to find what they need quickly.
4. High visibility on the major search engines on keywords and phrases that are relevant to what you do.

We prefer to design using WordPress because as an industry standard for Website Design and Development, it accounts for over 25% of all websites found online, as well as more than 70% of all Content Management sites. Additionally, it stays current and up to date with new technology and website features. Not only is WordPress a cost-effective solution, but it also allows you to manage your own site as needed. After a complete design and infrastructure build up, we can hand over roughly 80% of management to you, or entirely maintain your website, depending on your preference and need.

Everything we create is responsive/mobile friendly, has User-Friendly Navigation, and social media integration. We can add on Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, e-Commerce, Website Hosting, Content Development, and much more!

Doke Enterprises, LLC is proud to offer web site design services that will fit your needs:

– CMS (Content Management System): This service is template based and gives the client flexibility to maintain their site.
– Customize website design: This service is for businesses that needs and demand one of a kind web site design for their business.
– Template web design: This service is for businesses that need rapid development of a website and at the most cost effective means.
– Ecommerce website design: This service is for businesses that want to sell their products or services online with secure online payment options.
– Online database design: This service is for businesses that have the need of an online secure database.

At Doke Enterprises, LLC we can use our experience to help you build a site that drives results. Our experience includes work with:
• On-line forms and applications
• Guest Books
• Small Business web sites
• E-commerce sites
• Database-driven web sites
• Large multi-site networks
• Content Management Systems
• Subscription-based sites
• Marketing sites
• Public Speaking sites
• Church sites